Linda earned a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from Duke University and a BA in Anthropology from Lawrence University. She has been an advocate for reform in public policy, law, insurance and treatment protocols for serious mental illnesses/neurological brain disorders for 9 years. Linda began her career working for the US State Department in Boston, and as US Senator Alan Dixon’s Government Affairs/Legislative Analyst Assistant in Chicago and Washington, DC. As the creator and Manager of the  Public Relations and Employee Communications Department for Quill Corporation, Linda authored and edited seven informational books and manuals on business productivity, with over 100 articles and business tips published in newspapers, magazines, newsletters and catalogs. 

While raising her three children, Linda acted as a Communications Consultant and did technical writing for San Diego biotech Gen-Probe. She served on the Gifted Advisory Committee for the San Diego Gifted and Talented Education Program (GATE), and currently serves on Lawrence University’s President’s Advisory Council. Linda established the Fund for Serious Mental Illness Advocacy Internships at Lawrence University to enable students to learn about and build solutions for better treatment for our most vulnerable population. Linda has been published numerous times in the San Diego Union Tribune speaking out on the problems with and solutions for the current lack of continuum of care for those with serious neurological brain disorders.

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